Personal Assistance

Depending on an individual, independence may not mean doing everything alone. People with disabilities may need assistance with their daily living activities. A wide variety of consumer options are available providing in-home care by Personal Assistants (PAs). These options may work part or full time in the home or live-in care.

ILCKC assists consumers develop skills and knowledge to advocate for services by selecting, interviewing, hiring, management or termination of their personal assistant.

ILCKC maintains a registry of PAs who specialize in working with people with disabilities.

The personal assistant is under direction of the person with the disability. S/he does the tasks that the employer cannot do for him/herself. Duties that PAs may fulfill include bathing, dressing, bowel and bladder care, feeding, grooming, range of motion assistance, light housekeeping, errands and driving the consumer to appointments. They may also provide reminders/cuing about medication, safety and other responsibilities.

In contrast to some of the for-profit services providing in-home care, Independent Living Philosophy emphasizes consumer control and direction of the services received. The personal assistant is under the direction of the person with the disability. PAs do the tasks that the consumer cannot do for him/herself.