Top, left to right: Ron Ferguson, Tammy Hartsch, Ruth Cain, Patty Grubbs, Jimmie Soto, Luis Ortega, Claudia Villalobos, Stephany Cisneros, Daniel Gandarilla
Bottom, left to right: Renee Hernandez, Laura Rodriguez, Catie Nordstrom, Haley Malone, Harvey Clowers, Santeri Salomaki
Missing: Jessica Carrillo, Susan Privett, Carol Henry, Jan Lemucchi


The mission of Independent Living Center of Kern County is to empower people with disabilities to grow creatively, professionally, and personally; and educate the community about disability related issues. It is the vision of Independent Living Center of Kern County to promote positive change in society; leading to the integration and acceptance of persons with disabilities within our community.


  • Has served Kern County for over 30 years
  • Has a board and staff of more than 90% of whom live with a disability
  • Recognizes over 30% of Kern County’s population live with a disability
  • Provides all programs and services free of charge to its consumers
  • Is a nonprofit with 501(c)(3) status

Assembly Bill 2565

Title: Independent Living Centers: State Funding

Author: Assembly Member Rudy Salas

Relates to the operation of independent living centers and certain state funding. Deletes the provisions excluding the centers that were previously established and maintained with federal funding, thereby making those centers eligible for prescribed state funding.

02/19/2016 INTRODUCED.
03/08/2016 To ASSEMBLY Committee on HUMAN SERVICES.

Bill Text
02/19/2016 – AB 2565

Consider partnering with ILCKC where each cent works together as one powerful impact to help people with disabilities to live as independently as possible.