Independent Living Specialists work with consumers regarding the broad-range of disability-related information and/or  referrals.

Consumers and family members are provided with assistance to utilize accessible resources and/or referrals to agencies in the Kern community for people with disabilities.

  • Are you a person with a disability?
  • Are you new to Kern County?
  • Do you have questions regarding available resources for people with disabilities?
  • Do you know if you qualify for Social Security or other government agency?
  • Do you need assistance with Social Security issues i.e. denial, changes, etc.?
  • Are you an individual with a disability who is homeless and don’t know what help is out there for your situation?

These are questions Independent Living Specialists can help you with and so much more.

ILCKC empowers consumers by providing information to utilize and access tools needed to live as independently as possible. Independent Living Specialists may refer an individual to resources including City, County, State or national government agencies, other nonprofits, and/or community-based organizations.

If you or a family member needs assistance in assessing or achieving personal goals related to independence, contact ILCKC to set up an appointment with an Independent Living Specialist, or consider joining the Peer Support group. Call 661.325.1063 for more information.

Consumers are provided with assistance to utilize all available resources in the community.